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Esqui Rep. of Macedonia

Cerepasina | Popova Shapka

Esqui Rep. of Macedonia

Cerepasina | Popova Shapka

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Cerepasina, Popova Shapka
usuário: Zlatko Zlatko (2 photo)
foto tirada em: 11:02 am 29 Jan 2011


Rep. of Macedonia | Popova Shapka

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Popova Sapka

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Dimitrios Not ! Rep. of Makedonia... Makedonia ia a state is in most of it in Greek area...some of it is in Skopia site and some in Bulgaria site..and must be where it belong.... in Greece (Ellas). Ancient Makedonians wrote "Ellinika" (greek)... Mother of G. Alexander called "Olympia". Do you have names like that?? Because you had a small piece of Makedonia thats not mean you are descendans of Makedonians.. We talk like them ,we wrote like them , we act like them.. Accept your history and history will be good with you...