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Esqui France

Blue morning mist in paradise | Chatel

Esqui France

Blue morning mist in paradise | Chatel

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Blue morning mist in paradise, Chatel
usuário: lawrence Kormornick (7 photo)
foto tirada em: 12:34 pm 1 Feb 2011

Blue morning mist in paradise

France | Chatel

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Top of Chalet Neuf Chatel French/Swiss Border views over Switzerland towards the Italian Alps

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Margaret Blue morning mist in paradise ! Hope that is not" The" eternal paradise although I hope it is some thing like that. Needed cheering up this am as a series of crummy viewers have sapped my will to live. Gerald back yesterday,sleeping it off today before becoming my own personal slave as he has no money . Weather here glorious and am going to now actually walk toGrove Park Terrace and physio app. My ligaments! And tendonitus in my wrist Amfalling apart Have a good Easter M.