Advertising on resort pages

Our former resort page sponsorship option was retired in favour of a new system that is inline with our updated site layout. This will significantly improve users' experience on resort pages via the introduction of richer data, better navigation and changes to make for more fluid functionality on smartphones (these accounting for over 65% of our traffic). We're also announcing new pricing for resort sponsorship - something that’s remained unchanged for a great many years.


If you currently have an active resort sponsorship campaign, don't worry - we will maintain the format until its expiry date so nothing needs to change. (Note that when the new page layout is launched, the location of your banner may change). If you wish to renew your sponsorship after it runs out, the new system will have to be adopted. Based on advertiser feedback we are revising this scheme so the text below will be likely to change.


  • The size of resort sponsor adverts will change to 300x120 pixels to optimally accommodate desktop and mobile.
  • On desktop browsers, your advert location will move from its current static position to the left hand side of the page and adopt a high impact “sticky” display, meaning they will be in view for longer.
  • On mobile devices we’ll be introducing longer pages with more engaging content (e.g. snow-history, snow depths, webcams etc.) all of which increase viewer dwell time on both the content and your advert.
  • Existing advert(s) will run until the date of their expiry at the rate you paid, but it will have to adapt to the new format when we switch to the updated system for the 20/21 Northern Hemisphere season.
  • It will not be possible to book or extend any adverts via the previous system since the 1st December. If you’ve already credited your account, please contact us ASAP.
  • Pricing will no longer be for fixed 6 or 12-month terms. Instead, we’ll adopt a similar formula to the Adwords Display Network where you pay a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) rate, priced accordingly to your target audience where you primarily sell. This targeting will yield a better return on your investment, especially if you’re advertising in a smaller resort.
  • The frequency of impressions of your advert will depend on how many units of 1,000 you purchase over what time frame, with a minimum spend of £500+VAT per campaign. Some scenarios to illustrate this are given below:
  • Depending on resort popularity, adverts may rotate with other resort partners.
  • The old banner management system will be retired. The new system will be entirely managed in-house.
  • “Snow-alert” resort sponsorship opportunities are no longer available in their current form (although existing snowmail adverts will run until their planned end dates). Should you wish to use this, and other high engagement channels in future please see the our media pack and contact


  • Target your advert only to countries where your key customers are based to make the most of your purchased impressions. Reduce impressions from geos that are less important to your business thus improving the return on your investment. Re-invest saved marketing budgets into other channels that also target only your key audience. (See our media pack).
  • Recognition as "resort partner" to make your advert stand out from our other programmatic ad units.
  • We manage the setup of your advert to specific viewers on your chosen resort page(s).
  • Improved statistics and automated email reporting delivered to your inbox. Option to monitor click performance within your own Google Analytics account.
  • The ability to pace your campaign between two dates that you choose.
  • The facility to pause the delivery of your campaign if desired


  • Tier 1: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand* : £5 CPM (Per thousand advert impressions**)
  • Tier 2: Rest of the World*: £3 CPM
  • BULK BUY: Please contact for further pricing.
* this relates to the location of the of viewers to whom your advert is targeted to e.g. the UK, France etc. It is possible to target audiences in both price tiers.
** an impression is counted as each time a user views a page with your advert on.
Note that the above prices exclude VAT if applicable to your business.

A further illustration of cost is given below:

Scenario 1: you want to show 200,000 advert impressions to viewers from a UK-based audience. This would equate to 200 units x £5 cpm = £1,000.

Scenario 2: you want to show 200,000 advert impressions to viewers from UK and France (France being considered Rest of the World) equally. This would work out as 100 units x £5 cpm and 100 x £3 cpm = £800 spend.

Scenario 3: to target users based in Spain only would equate to 200 units x £3 cpm = £600


  • Prepare your banner according to the specification.
  • Fill in a booking form where you can upload your banner.
  • We will be in touch to arrange payment.