Esqui France

Effet de Foën sur les Pyrénées | Gourette

Esqui France

Effet de Foën sur les Pyrénées | Gourette


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Effet de Foën sur les Pyrénées, Gourette
usuário: jean etcheverry (26 photos)
foto tirada em: 5:30 pm 16 Dec 2013

Effet de Foën sur les Pyrénées

France | Gourette

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Vent de Sud en fin de journée avec un soleil couchant...

Comentários recentes

Martin Coyne I had my first skiing experience at Gourette with the Universite de Pau during the winter of January 1978. I wore fluorescent orange over pants and leather ski boots!! I was 21, but determined to crack this skiing opportunity. 36 years later I ski off piste in the Alps and have skied in the USA, many thanks to those early days when I enjoyed the Pyrenees and the Pic du Midi D'Ossau. Great times and great memories.